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  Testing & Material Analysis Services: Accreditation:  
  Structural Load Test International Accreditation Service, Inc.  
  Uniform Static Air Pressure Test TL-296 ISO 17025-2005
  Air & Water Infiltration Test    
  Large & Small Missile Impact Test Building Code Compliance Office of  
  Cyclic Wind Pressure Test Miami-Dade County Florida  
  Tensile, and Compression Test    
  Bend test of Rebar Florida Department of Community Affairs  
  Rockwell and Ultrasonic7 Hardness Testing Florida Building Code  
  Micro and superficial Hardness Testing    
  Microscopic Analysis Keystone Certifications, Inc.  
  Coating Thickness Analysis    
  Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UT) National Accreditation and Management Institute  
  Crack & Flaw Detection    
  Crack Depth Measurement Test Standards:  
  Conductivity Measurement (%IACS)    
  Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement TAS 201, TAS 202, TAS 203, TAS 114 Appendix E,  
  Composite De-lamination Inspection ASTM G85, TAS 114 Appendix G/FM 4471, ANSI Z97.1,  
  Fastener, Anchor, Connectors, and Ties tests ASTM C39, ASTM C90, ASTM C140, ASTM D635,  
  Accelerated UV Weathering (QUV & Xenon Arc) ASTM D638, ASTM D1761, ASTM D1929, ASTM D2843,  
  Outdoor Weathering for UV, rain, condensation ASTM E8, ASTM E9, ASTM E72, ASTM E290,  
  Light Transmission Analysis ASTM E488, ASTM E529, ASTM E695, ASTM E754,  
  Moisture Content Determination ASTM E987, ASTM E1512, ASTM E1592, ASTM F588,  
  Racking, Tension, and Compression Tests ASTM G155, TPI 1-95, ASME E1886, ASTM E1996  
  Sound Transmission Studies    
  Mechanical Properties of Rubber & Plastics Call for additional standards (305) 597-5590  
  Vacuum System Design and Analysis    
  Structural Engineering Analysis Download Brochure  
  XRF, WDXRF, Elemental and UV, Visible Spectroscopic Analysis    
  Salt Spray G85    
  Self Ignition Test    
  Rate of Burn Test    
  Smoke Density Test    
  Fabric & Yarn Testing    
  Paint Testing    
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